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June 2019

Did you know that every follower of Christ is called to a mission? We as Christians have been called out of the world and

God plays Red Light Green Light with us. As He spent 80 years training and positioning Moses for his role as Israel’s delivering agent before

My daughter is a collector, though she doesn’t hold collectibles for long. I suppose you can forgive a two-year-old for that. Pine cones and rocks and

[seriesengine_wo enmse_dsst=4 enmse_dss=30 enmse_pag=10 enmse_apag=12 enmse_dsm=312 enmse_r=1] School is out and the last thing anyone wants to do is homework. But guest speaker, Dan Dickenson, suggests

This Sunday, not only did we get to hear about “Taking the Next Step,” in our spiritual journey, but we celebrated our members who have