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Pastor Ken Cline - October 13, 2019


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For thousands of years, the nation of Israel missed an important message that God was repeatedly telling them.  Unfortunately, even Jesus’s own disciples overlooked this vital aspect of their faith.  And, even more tragically, we as the 21st century church in America have almost intentionally disregarded it.  What am I speaking of?  The fact that God wants everyone, and His salvation is for everyone!  God is not just the God of the Jews, but the God of all the nations.  Jesus is not just the saviour of the Jews or evangelical Christians.  Jesus is the Saviour of the entire world!

As part of the chosen people of God, called to carry the message of hope and salvation found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we must remember that this is a tremendous privilege and responsibility.  It is such a privilege to be an instrument of God’s mercy and a blessing to the world.  However, we have the great responsibility to lovingly present ourselves as Christ’s ambassadors.  We are never to look down on others or condemn them for sins that we may not struggle with, as we have our own sins that need the same forgiveness.

We learn in today’s sermon how God saved the apostle Paul (a devout Jew) with the explicit intent of commissioning him to preach to non-Jews (the Gentiles) that salvation can only be found in Jesus.  This was the group that were the “outsiders” of the Jewish religion and culture.  God revealed the great mystery of the gospel to Paul – “that the Gentiles are fellow heirs, members of the same body, and partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel.” (Ephesians 3:6 – ESV)  And the world was never the same.

Race, ethnicity and culture did not deter Paul from proclaiming the truth of the gospel in a humble way to all people.  His life imitated that of Christ’s and so invited his listeners to hear him out.  Are we taking the gospel to those different from us?  Are we leading lives that reflect what we preach?  Let us graciously and lovingly extend the hope found in the gospel to everyone, everywhere – starting today.