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Growing Up

Growing Up

Pastor Ken Cline - October 20, 2019

Growing Up

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Powered by Series Engine defines “unity” as:

The quality or state of not being multiple; 

A condition of harmony;

The quality or state of being made one; and

A totality of related parts. 

The apostle Paul may have had the same ideas in mind when writing Ephesians chapter four. As Pastor Ken reminded us on Sunday, everyone is fragile. We all need to be handled with care. This is done when we walk out our faith in humility, gentleness, and patience as we support each other in love. 

We all begin our Christian walk in the unity of the Holy Spirit who binds us together in one body—each part working with the others to operate as a whole. Trouble happens when we allow sin to cripple the body. When brothers and sisters attack each other, when tradition gets in the way of grace, when pride and selfishness elevate one part of the body over another our “condition of harmony” is destroyed. 

But when we look to our Head and realize that the same grace that covered our sin can bring healing to the body, we are restored to our state of oneness. When we recognize that the Holy Spirit has granted each of us different gifts and that each one is vital to the body, jealousy and pride will dissipate. The old saying that the whole is greater than the parts is true. We all must do our best to be equipped for the work of the ministry and to work together with those who compliment our gifts for Kingdom purposes. 

When we try to walk out our callings alone, we are denying ourselves the support, life, and healing that can only be found when we are unified together. We also open ourselves up to the attack of our Enemy. 

Jesus is our example—He took time to be quiet before His father, but then He returned to His “small group” and to the crowds He ministered to. In the hour of His greatest need, He called on His friends to support Him in prayer so that He might have the strength to endure the cross. We must follow in His footsteps, walking worthy of the calling we have been given, arm in arm with our brothers and sisters in unity.