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Excelling in the Grace of Giving

Excelling in the Grace of Giving

Pastor Ken Cline - November 17, 2019

Excelling in the Grace of Giving

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God’s Goodness and Grace

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

No.  Pastor Ken didn’t give the church a free day and let us watch Spiderman during Sunday’s service.  (But that’s going in the suggestion box, now!)  Actually, during PK’s lesson, we learned that the sentiment behind Uncle Ben’s famous quote mirrors a much older quote from a Biblical superhero (Spoiler alert!  It’s Jesus).  Jesus said, “To whom much was given, much will be required.”  Peter Parker was given an amazing gift (power) and he felt a responsibility to use it for good.  So, he gave what he had to help others.  As Christians, we’ve also been given an amazing gift – the gift of God’s grace and mercy.  And when we truly understand the power and magnitude of that gift, we should be filled with gratitude and eager to use that gift for good.  One way we can do that – as we’ll hear in today’s message – is to give.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. 

What a perfect time to reflect on God’s goodness and grace.  He forgives our sins!  He restores our broken hearts!  He provides for all our needs!  We’re so full of His blessings that we should be bursting at the seams to be a blessing to others!  The grace He gives should fill us with gratitude and our response to that gratitude – our responsibility – should be generosity toward others.  Were you given grace?  Then give grace.  Were you given mercy?  Then give mercy.  Were you blessed financially?  Then give financially.  Were you given wisdom?  Then give wisdom.  And when you give, don’t do it begrudgingly or out of compulsion.  Do it because God so loved us, that He gave; and if we want to be more like Him, then shouldn’t we do the same?  

As we head into the holidays, let’s not skip over the holiday of thanks and jump right into thinking about what will be waiting for us under the tree.  Instead, let’s be giving superheroes!  When you drop your tithe into the collection plate or buy a meal for someone less fortunate or give your time to someone struggling this season, you might not feel like you have superpowers.  You might not be able to stick to walls, but when you pass on the blessings and the grace that you’ve received from God, your generosity will stick to the hearts of those you’ve shared it with forever.