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Small Groups

Big Things Happen

In Small Groups

In order to incorporate a sense of community into our family’s lives, our church is composed of Small Groups. The purpose of our Small Groups is simple: Develop Christ-Centered, Loving Relationships while Studying the Bible. Weekly Small Group Meetings are informal and consist of discussion of a study. This helps us apply biblical teaching to life.

Small Groups

Meet in Homes

Our groups meet in homes around Saginaw throughout the week. Kids programming and childcare happens at the church while you attend your small group in a home close to the church on Wednesday nights.


Build relationships

Find Friends

Small Groups are a great way to find new friends at church. It can be hard to meet new people during a Sunday service. Small Groups help church feel smaller and incorporate a more intimate sense of community into our large family.

Grow in Community

Study the Bible

Small Groups are a great way to study the Bible and grow together. Whether it’s dicussing the weekly sermon, or going through a Bible Study, this is a wonderful way to grow and become a better disciple of Jesus.