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We are New Life.
A Saginaw Church.

New life is a church and a community of people in Saginaw, Michigan who love Jesus. Jesus dramatically changed our lives, and we want everyone else to know about Him.

New Life is not just a church. We are people who love to follow the example Jesus set for us by serving each other and our community. God’s love is too big not to share.

Know. Flow. Grow. Go.

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The first time at a new church can be hard. Find out what to expect during service so you can be prepared. You can also let us know you’re coming and Pre-Register your visit.

saginaw church service
greeting each other during saginaw church service

Grow Closer to God

Take a Next Step

Our church is full of people at various stages in their spiritual journey… but what we all have in common is that we are constantly striving to take that next step to grow closer to the Lord. Whether it’s a first step or a next step, we want to see you thrive in your journey.

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Stay in tune with what God is teaching our church. Keep up to date with our most recent sermons and series.

Our Story

New Life is a mid-size church located in Saginaw, MI and with weekly services on Sundays, and we meet in small groups throughout the week. Our church exists to proclaim Jesus Christ everywhere. We have been radically changed by his life and teachings, and we want everyone to know about it.

Our congregation is big on serving, so we love to serve each other, our Saginaw community, and our worldwide community. New Life’s desire is that everyone finds a place to discover theirĀ God-given gifts and use them for his mission. Jesus came to serve us, and now we obey him by living out our faith.